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Live At Cil Con Results

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

Our return to Cil-Con was a overwhelming success!

Oliver Cain was able to pull off the quick victory over Dan Liplock after a very entertaining musical collaboration between the 2 + Rob Leach

Gnarls Garvin defeating Matt Kenway in a incredibly competitive match up.

Jimmy Karryt was able to pull off a huge victory over Victor Analog and would go on to challenge Jake Lander to match this coming October for his 01 USA Junior heavyweight terminal and the high flying speed machine dutifully accepted!

Jake Lander successfully defended his 01 USA Junior heavyweight title against “The Millennial” Danny Adams.

The Lowlifes (Jordan and Joey) and “Them” represented by the 01 USA women’s Champion Rahne Victoria and Ezra Zealous wrestled to a double disqualification finish.

Anakin Murphy defeated a French man whose name I am unable to spell (or pronounce).

The Warhorse was successful in his 01 USA world heavyweight title defense against the formidable Gary Jay in a 01 USA 1st ever casket match!

We would like to thank everyone who helped bring this show together and of course to our amazing fans for coming out and making this another successful event.

We look forward to seeing you all tomorrow night in Decatur Illinois Door 4 Brewing Co. presents Zero1 USA and the Brewery Beatdown featuring former WWE superstar Hornswoggle and all of your favorite 01 USA fighting athletes!

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